We're often asked what kind of performance we give. The answer is whatever kind the audience wants - within the law!


Here are some examples of what we've put on / pulled together / got  away with over the last few years. If you've something in mind that's not here, just ask.


  • Entertainment:  Songs and chat for however long you want, up to an hour or in shorter bursts with a break.


  • Guest acts : As part of a show with choirs and/or other acts, with one or two short spots.


  • Talks/Presentations : A 50-minute talk about harmony singing entitled 'The Magic of Harmony'  illustrated by songs and with audience participation!  Popular with WI's, U3As, Probus etc.


  • Weddings and Parties : Surprise performances to add to the fun wherever there's a happy celebration.


  • Charity concerts & fundraisers:  Giving people a good time while they reach for thir wallets !  Mayor's do's, informal shows, even posh hotels!


  • Special audiences : Retirement home/community housing entertainments to bring out the smiles and get the feet tapping at any time of day.


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